Ryokkei Toen

Open-Air Bath surrounded by nature.

The Ryokkei Toen has 8 different bathtubs in the middle of the forest.
Those bathtubs were built along mountain stream to make the best use of its natural form.
As we provide a special Yukata for the hotsprings, you can enjoy it with all your family members.

A long-running historical drama series on NHK TV, “Ryomaden” was shooted at the Ryokkei Toen.

In Japan, NHK broadcasts long-running historical drama series called “Taiga Drama” and in 2010, the NHK televised “Ryomaden” which focused on a life of Ryoma Sakamoto who was a prominent figure for overthrowing the Shogunate and the Meiji Restoration.
Our Ryokkei Toen was the hotspring which Ryoma took a bath to cure his wound and he and his wife Oryo arguing about Mt. climbing.
The open-air bath along a stream in the beautiful forest which two Ryoma enjoyed and you might feel 144 years of histories in the hotsprings which both Ryoma took.

※The Ryokkei Toen locates along a stream in the middle of the forest and we might close the facility due to hotel related matters including weather condition.

Ryokkei Toen

Ryokkei Toen

Ryokkei Toen

Ryokkei Toen has 8 open-air bath which make full use of the characteristics of the forest including dynamic relied and river current.
The source of hotsprings and refreshing mountain stream integrate well into the little-known hotsprings in the forest. For our guests, we prepare special Yukata, so men and women of all ages can experience our Ryokkei Toen together.
Also, every summers we build a swimming pool called “The pool in the Forest” and our guest can enjoy not only the pool but also relax in the Ryokkei Toen without changing to a Yukata.
Relax in the hotsprings and/or play in the pool or river, there are many ways to experience the sense of unity and relish the real pleasure of the nature at our Ryokkei Toen.

Ryokkei Toen Opening Hours and Price List

Day Spa
Saturday, Sunday
and Public Holidays

※Only package deal with “Miyama no Yu” is available for Day Spa guests.

Weekdays,Saturday, Sunday
and Public Holidays
16:00〜17:30 / 20:00〜22:30

※Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays is also available after check in to 16:00.

Hayashida Onsen, Miyama no Yu

The Largest Open Air Bath in Kyushu.

Hayashida Onsen, Miyama no Yu is one of the largest open-air bath in Kyushu, indoor hotspring with plunge bath and a sun deck which allows you to see Mt. Sakurajima distantly.
The view from the hotspring varies on seasons and weather and at night, you can see a night view of the Kagoshima Airport and Kirishima City.
It is also enjoyable to take bath with a lighten up fantastic atmosphere of the hotspring.
Miyama no Yu is also a hotspring with an ample supply of water and it provide our guests new clean hotspring without circulating water and it is well-know hotspring among hotspring lovers.
Moreover, recently it is said that the Kirishima's sulfur spring is very effective to metabolic syndrome and many guests visit our Miyama no Yu to enjoy the benefits of the hotspring.

Miyama no Yu

Miyama no Yu

Miyama no Yu

Neuralgia, muscle pain, arthralgia, a stiff and painful shoulder, sensitivity to cold, fatigue recovery, health promotion, cut, diabetes, skin diseases and arteriosclerosis
Men/ Two indoor hotsprings, five small and large open-air bathes, cold bath and sauna
Women/Two indoor hotsprings, seven small and large open-air bath, cold bath, sauna and mist sauna

Miyama no Yu Opening Hours and Price List

Day Spa
5:30〜10:00 / 14:00〜22:00
Friday and Saturday
5:30〜10:00 / 11:00〜22:00
Sunday and Public Holidays

※The Qualifying age for Child is from four years old to primary school child (three years old and young is free).

※Bath chair for baby is also avaible,Please feel free to ask the staff for it.

5:30〜10:00 / 14:00〜23:30
Friday and Saturday
5:30〜10:00 / 11:00〜23:30
Sunday and Public Holidays

*For lodger, the admission fee is free.


ご家族、プライベートでごゆっくり温泉をお楽しみいただけます。(※要予約) 貸切風呂について詳しくはこちら



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